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Humaniterra Foundation


As artisan coffee importers and roasters, our mission is to make people happy. Handcrafting exceptional products is our passion. Our respect for the art of roasting and close to four decades of experience is how we came to develop our very own TAG roast. Throughout this journey, we've also witnessed the injustices faced by growers. Our desire to improve their quality of life is why we work in a socially responsible way and also the force behind our Humaniterra Foundation, designed to aid local and foreign communities.


Our strong commitment to supporting the local communities as well as the farmers that provide us with their superior quality coffees and teas has led us to create the Humaniterra Foundation.

Our mission is to set new standards for quality in the world of responsible coffee and tea while fulfilling the Humaniterra Foundation's vision of generosity and mutual aid. 

This foundation allows us to contribute a portion of proceeds from our products to support local and foreign non-profit humanitarian organizations such as,

* Charitable organizations focusing on the realities of your local community

* Funding that helps the families and communities of coffee and tea growers in case of catastrophic events

* UTZ certification so that farmers can earn higher wages

* Environmental protection initiatives




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