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Passion & Vision


As artisan coffee importers and roasters, our mission is to make people happy. Handcrafting exceptional products is our passion. Our respect for the art of roasting and close to four decades of experience is how we came to develop our very own TAG roast. Throughout this journey, we've also witnessed the injustices faced by growers. Our desire to improve their quality of life is why we work in a socially responsible way and also the force behind our Humaniterra Foundation, designed to aid local and foreign communities.

A humanitarian and entrepreneur, Carlo Granito is a passionate man who’s dedicated his life to developing the perfect cup of coffee.

Part of his success can be attributed to hard work, perseverance and his innate sense of taste.

How did he develop these qualities? In his childhood, surely. Carlo is the youngest of four children. His father of Italian decent, flourished as an importer of fine Italian foods. He also conveyed to his son the values of hard work and a love of quality products.

Carlo’s success is also largely due to you seeing as his main motivation has always been to restore coffee’s nobility and to do so with the utmost respect of those who grow it and those who consume it.

As a coffee drinker himself, Carlo was often disappointed by the quality of what was offered. He often preferred to go without coffee rather than have to drink a cup full of bitterness or little flavor.

Thanks to his wife Julie’s unwavering support and encouragement and his strong desire to offer the perfect cup, Carlo was inspired to launch Terra Coffee. It was the late 70’s and at only 23 years of age, he was determined to conduct his business with honesty and a simple goal of inspiring happiness.

As soon as he could, Carlo began visiting coffee farmers and importing his own green coffee. He then developed a roasting technique which he later named T.A.G. (Torrefazione Artigianale Granito). Refined over time, this special technique is designed to reveal the very best of each bean.

Driven by his spirit for adventure, Carlo launched Ariel Tea two years later to offer an extensive collection of specialty teas and creative blends.



Immersed in the coffee and tea world since early childhood, Aimee, Carlo’s youngest daughter, has traveled to Europe and Asia to deepen her knowledge. She runs their retail coffee shop in Montreal and ensures the complete satisfaction of consumers and business partners alike.

Carlo is also surrounded by his two sons-in-law: John August, Master Roaster, Instructor/Professional Barista and Quality Supervisor, and Stéphane, Business Development Director (Specialty Market) and Green Coffee Importer.



Terra Coffee and Tea

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