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Our TAG Roast


As artisan coffee importers and roasters, our mission is to make people happy. Handcrafting exceptional products is our passion. Our respect for the art of roasting and close to four decades of experience is how we came to develop our very own TAG roast. Throughout this journey, we've also witnessed the injustices faced by growers. Our desire to improve their quality of life is why we work in a socially responsible way and also the force behind our Humaniterra Foundation, designed to aid local and foreign communities.


Can you recognize a perfectly executed roast? It reveals a coffee’s unique body and the subtle flavors particular to its origin.

With the intention of providing this perfect balance, cup after cup, we created our own specialty roast: TAG (Torrefazione Artigianale Granito)

Developed over almost four decades of sourcing, roasting and cupping, our TAG roast reveals flavor profiles like no other. How? It allows us to roast coffees to their maximum potential by completely caramelizing the sugars in the coffee beans.

Just like wine, coffee draws its richness from the land. Everything from soil, altitude, climate and harvest contribute to the coffee’s unique character.

This is why our master roaster learns to differentiate various coffee origins. He’s aware of the environment in which they’re grown: land, climate and altitude. He knows the density and composition of the green beans and understands that all these factors will influence the roast.

TAG is a unique know-how and a passion for proper roasting, meant to inspire little moments of happiness in everyday life.


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