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The Responsible Way


As artisan coffee importers and roasters, our mission is to make people happy. Handcrafting exceptional products is our passion. Our respect for the art of roasting and close to four decades of experience is how we came to develop our very own TAG roast. Throughout this journey, we've also witnessed the injustices faced by growers. Our desire to improve their quality of life is why we work in a socially responsible way and also the force behind our Humaniterra Foundation, designed to aid local and foreign communities.

Since 1978, our team’s been building long-lasting relationships with farmers based on mutual respect and a common passion : Good coffee.

"I quickly decided to import my own green coffee rather than buy it from brokers, as did the majority of roasters. By working directly with farmers, I guarantee exceptional quality and make sure farmers benefit from better wages. This is also how I developed each amazing relationship, one after the other." Carlo Granito

Through our travels and encounters, we’ve witnessed several injustices faced by farmers. In an effort to change that, we’ve always offered higher premiums than the market.

We also proudly display the UTZ logo on the packaging of all coffees that come from UTZ certified plantations. The UTZ criteria falls into 3 categories:

Socia Cultural Criteria

- Workers protected by national laws on age, working hours, pensions, working conditions, trade unions and safety.

- Training of workers in their own language

- Access to health care for workers and their families 

- Access to education for their children 

- Access to pure drinking water

- Freedom of cultural expression

Environmental Criteria

- Minimize soil erosion

- Reduce water use, pollution & energy consumption

- Treatment of polluted water & protection of water sources

- Prohibition of deforestation of virgin forests

- Minimal and responsible use of agricultural chemicals

- Use of native trees to shade coffee plants 

Economic Criteria

- Records maintained and available

- Good housekeeping as standard practice

- Qualified and sufficiently trained employees

- Ensures traceability of UTZ coffee at farm level




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