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The Art of Roasting


As artisan coffee importers and roasters, our mission is to make people happy. Handcrafting exceptional products is our passion. Our respect for the art of roasting and close to four decades of experience is how we came to develop our very own TAG roast. Throughout this journey, we've also witnessed the injustices faced by growers. Our desire to improve their quality of life is why we work in a socially responsible way and also the force behind our Humaniterra Foundation, designed to aid local and foreign communities.

When you enter our roasting facility, it’s already quite the trip.

Located behind our retail shop are thousands of carefully stored green coffee bags from around the world. A simple tag is used to reveal each coffee’s origin; Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, Brazil, Yemen... One can only imagine the journey they’ve undergone.

Treated with extreme care, each coffee is grown with the utmost respect of the environment, then harvested by hand, giving them all of the qualities needed to produce great coffee.

As you reach the very end of our facility, you'll find our master roaster John, carefully studying the coffees as they roast. This stage is a delicate one, comparable to winemaking. Just as you can destroy excellent grapes, a clumsy roast can easily ruin beautiful beans.

But our master roaster knows how to draw the complexities and subtle aromas of a coffee’s origins.

Using all of his senses and extreme precision, he balances the heat and air flow that circulate among the beans. And as soon as the aromas reach their pinnacle, i.e. just before carbonization, he puts an end to the roasting process.

This unique technique allows complete caramelization of the beans sugars. A process which fully relies on expertise, intuition, passion and consistency. A true art.


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