Recette cold

Ah, cold brew coffee! A wave of freshness that evokes summer!

There seem to be as many Cold brew recipes as there are coffee shops that serve it. You can even find home brew kits. Love it!

After some research and testing of our own, here’s how to make a TERRA cold brew coffee.


• 75 gr of your favorite TERRA coffee ground for percolator (coarsest grind possible)

• 600ml of filtered water

• Ice cubes

*Ideally, choose a coffee with a roast between dark brown and medium, or TAG for single origins. We recommend our Goccia d'Oro blend



1. In an airtight glass container (ideally), pour the filtered water and the ground coffee. Close the container.

2. Let the coffee brew for 12 hours at room temperature. (This is perfect to do in the evening for the next morning)

3. After brewing, filter the cold brew using paper coffee filters or cotton filters to remove the deposit

4. Serve the cold-brew in a glass filled with ice cubes. (You can add milk or liquid sugar to taste)


 *Consider composting your coffee grounds or reusing them at home. Check out this article for ideas: 8 Ways to Reuse My Coffee


Patience makes for great coffee!