Our great determination to set new standards of quality in the coffee industry led us to collaborate with RAINFOREST ALLIANCE / UTZ.

RAINFOREST ALLIANCE / UTZ is a sustainability program that requires, notably, good agricultural practices, the best working conditions related to health and safety, the abolition of child labor and the protection of nature.

Besides our Humaniterra Foundation, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE / UTZ has proven to be an effective way to address environmental and social issues worldwide, including climate change, deforestation and unsustainable agriculture.

Rainforest Alliance Certification


Better farming practices: With more effective farming practices that focus on protecting the environment, farmers benefit from their land, resulting in higher productivity, better crops and higher income for workers.

Better working conditions: Farmers need to create a safe and healthy working environment for all their workers. Strict working conditions must be respected and monitored by independent organizations.

Better protection of nature: growers must avoid or reduce the use of artificial fertilizers and/or other harmful practices.Better care for future generations: Under the UTZ program, farmers must ensure that their children and those of their workers grow up in healthy conditions with access to education. UTZ conditions prohibit child labor and sessions are held to raise awareness of the importance of education.



Better harvest: farmers learn to use the best agricultural practices in order to improve production quality at lower cost.

Better income: the better the harvest, the better the prospects. Higher yields mean more income for the farmers.

Better environment:
UTZ-certified plantations work with respect for the environment. Many measures are being put in place to reduce water and energy consumption, minimize pollution and conserve natural resources. future of their families, businesses and workers.

Better life: More and more UTZ farmers and workers report having a better quality of life due to better working conditions. 





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